Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not only is Allen Johnson and the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board not calling out Bev Perdue on 'troubling" cronyism, they seem to refuse to acknoledge Roy Carroll's move to steal $4 million from Greensboro's taxpayers?

Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort
caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.

The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive
to reduce dissonance.

They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

Dissonance is also reduced by justifying, blaming, and denying.


"A proposed deal with Continental “reeked with cronyism,” [Sen. Phil Berger] said,
adding that “pay-to-play politics has cost our state more than 1,000 new jobs.”

Owners of the Brunswick County property offered for the tire plant
included a Democratic state senator
and political supporters of the Democratic governor — certainly troubling.

...Last month, Berger raised larger objections
to paying $45 million in incentives demanded by the company — up front.

...This is a real concern associated with the secrecy
that typically surrounds economic development deals...

Perkins made his announcement surrounded by friends in the real-estate industry,
including developer Roy Carroll and lawyer Henry Isaacson.

“The realtors and the builders have been my base for my candidacy for 17-18 years,” Perkins said.

“In fact, before I even got into politics,
Trip Brown and I worked to get an organization together
that was the precursor of TREBIC way back when.

More openness is needed so it isn’t learned after the fact
that people with political connections profited from a multimillion-dollar land deal.

Except when it's inconvienient for the Editorial Board's interests?

Perdue soon fired back,
denying she played a role in site selection and accusing Berger of killing the deal
“because he thought the jobs were not worth it.”

Her position has support.


...alleging “cronyism” — without enough information to connect the dots
— risks poisoning the political atmosphere
and making it harder to work out future agreements.

The Greensboro News & Record "Crony" Editorial Board

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