Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Matheny admits to being a bought politician?

I find it hard to believe that very many businesses downtown
– which it is the businesses that told me to create the curfew in the first place...

Zack Matheny

Matheny lead the effort to implement the curfew last year based,
in part, on prodding from Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Ovittore sought to differentiate himself from Matheny
by establishing distance from the real-estate industry,
whose members have contributed lavishly to the incumbent’s campaigns over the years.

“I am first and foremost a citizen of Greensboro,” Ovittore said.

“I am not owned and operated by real estate developers.

I will not take money from real estate developers.

I will not give them a larger seat at the table
than any other person sitting in this room today.


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