Thursday, October 6, 2011

Highlights of a comment thread at Guarino's: Tony Wilkins, Abner Doon, Bubba, George Hartzman, Elizabeth, Roch, Ab, on Matheny, Ovittore and Greensboro's establishmentarianism would need to be a very strong candidate to beat Matheny
with his incumbency, name recognition,
and his support from the Melderec con Simkins crowd.

Joe Guarino

A rather large number of conservative people
feel that Zack has not earned their trust.


Is the pattern the establishment watching out for its own,
regardless of the values of the legislator?

Greensboro is broken.

Do you realize what you are defending?

Are you saying how the group thing was put together was wrong?

If so, agreed.

But what else are you actually saying?

How about that teen curfew?

The Aquatic Center vote
before the new City Council was installed?

The Landfill Recusal that wasn't?

Zack just voted to refi one of Skip Alston's loans
with the city.

How is Zack not a puppet of the Oligarchy
that controls Greensboro?

You seem to be backing the status quo
that has lost more jobs in Greensboro
than any other large city in North Carolina
for the last 10 years.

Abner Doon

“You have these people who are wanting to do business with the government,
and they’re paying for their election.

And then they get elected and they put a proposal
in front of the people that they paid to get elected.

And then the people who got elected
vote for the thing that the person wants to have passed.

It’s a conflict of interest….

Why aren’t we looking at not letting the people who are contributing to elections
not being able to do business with the city for X amount of time
before and after they give the money?

Doesn’t that seem simple?

It’s basic ethics.”

George Hartzman, 2009

Zach's employer, who now profits from RUCO being overturned,
can spend an unlimited amount of money
turning my name into siht.

The Lake Jeanette library, Bell's apartment complexes
and the Science Center
are dependent upon an Urban Loop course which I oppose.

Just about the entire real estate establishment in Greensboro
want's Zack to be their boy in D3.

Tony Collins and Robbie are the same thing only different.

TREBIC will come out with an unlimited amount of money
along with the Rhino Times
to discount everything I say,
and/or John Hammer won't report
or will/has misreported the facts.

WFMY same thing only different.

With enough propaganda money spent,
I think most who vote in D3
are stupid enough to vote all the worst of Greensboro's polical elite
back into office,
while the newspapers and TV stations
lead them on a leash.

Abner Doon

Certain Republicans don't like being exposed
as the statist "Business As Usual" enablers that they actually are.


Wouldn't your time be better spent doing whatever it is you need to do
to keep your incumbents in office?


It is fairly interesting to note that the Democrats,
with all the strength they have in Greensboro,
do not feel the need to run a candidate in opposition to Matheny.

I wonder why.

Some might say it would be a futile effort.

Others might point out that he had historically been a fairly reliable vote for their side anyway.

Joe Guarino

"However, try not to be myopic,
remember Danny and Mary also voted for Skips loan,
it wasn’t just Zack."

If myopic means nearsighted,
what is your explanation for this statement?

What are you saying?

Can something not be wrong when inconveinent?

Is that what you're saying?

Abner Doon

"I am not defending Zack..."

Who are you defending?

Is this rhetoric not sutle deflection from another issue
and that it would be "our?" fault if "we?" lose
could be a veiled threat of creating a target to blame?

"I have been verbally attacked by these people,
and I can tell you that they are not a pleasant bunch.

You see how dangerous they can be
and I believe you agree with me that we need to stop them."

Attack the scapegoat for attacking you?

"What I am asking is that all of us,
(NCGOP, C4GC, AFP, Tea Party and all of Greensboro)
need put a strong voice of opposition against those I stated above."

"Even though we all will have plenty to write about
if the election turns sour for us,
it would suck just the same."


Abner Doon

Forget the stalwarts, the voters say.


So you are glad Zack will spend GOP money to fend off a DEM
when he could have used that money to help other GOP candidates.

Wow, just wow.

Tony Wilkins

...Jay is a liberal.

(So is Matheny, BTW, in at least some respects).

Joe Guarino

Notice how Tony continues to evade the issue of Matheny's views?


How is Zach suddenley a republican?

Who voted for he pool?

At least jay would not have sckrewed poor renters.

For his bosses.


...I had little way of knowing Matheny was a Republican,
based on his voting record...

Joe Guarino

It kind of seems this party affiliation argument is crap.

Based on the same logic repubs should be supporting Robbie.


...the lack of enthusiasm among local Democrats to oppose Perkins and Matheny
is quite revealing.

You would think that, with their overwhelming strength locally,
they would want to elect Democrats whereever they can.

...The Democrats have, almost by default,
accepted the leadership of Matheny and Perkins.

Why would that be?

...Matheny is one who has given them what they would want or expect
a significant portion of the time.

That is why, for instance,
he got the Simkins endorsement both of the times he ran previously.

Joe Guarino

How can this excercize not be the status quo looking out for the status quo?


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