Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Could alternative tactics increase wholeness in the near-term, if more other than actions coincident with geopolitical, economic events rise as a percentage of the overall you?

If short term geoecopolitical volatility and/or uncertainty increases,
could something other than potentially reduce harm,
stabilize and harmonize?

If most political rebellions are caused by unemployment
combined with surging food and energy prices
creating inflationary reactions by those trying to retain power,
like budget constraining benefit subsidies and crony capitalism,
could an adverse political event be caused by some trying to retain power
who over-react without enough thought
and artificially try to restore a more stable political/economic environment
multiplying past mistakes?

If internal societal disharmonies, food and energy shortages, natural disasters,
international competitive currency depreciation or trade retaliation
continue and/or accelerate,
could some not, not alternatives offset evaporation?

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