Sunday, October 16, 2011

Billy Jones aka...

"...the only rage was from those who were hoping to see us destroy property
and riot as a drunken mob, which, by the way, never happened.

You see, it was agreed from the beginning by every single person involved,
...would remain family friendly as many in the group are themselves,
young parents who marched with their kids in tow.

What ...felt was love and hope.

And more love and hope than I remember from any event
I'm attended in the last 55 years.

I know rage
-- I've lived rage first hand.

Rage is the feeling you get
when hope is gone.

Rage is what you feel when you don't
know the cause of your problems
so you lash out against anyone who isn't like you.

"When a person experiences rage,
it usually lasts until a threat is removed or the person under rage
is incapacitated."

(Source: Wikipedia)

...peaceful and non violent protest against the manipulation of government anything but rage.

...There's no place for rage in a nonviolent movement
-- only hope and love.

See you later, I've got to
...unroll my sleeping bag for the night."