Saturday, October 22, 2011

Allen Johnson on Robbie Perkins: "Green for the greenway"

"City funds for the Downtown Greenway
would have to be weighed against other priorities,
such as police officers and libraries.

Do we really need of more
of what amounts to very expensive free interenet cafes?

Why not set up some computors in existing city owned facilities?

Robbie Perkins sounded less cautious...

...Actually, he sounded really eager to get on with the greenway.

...I'd expect our leaders to be careful with the public's checkbook.'s a want and not a need.

When stacked other priorities in a tough economy,
it might have to wait.


We need to get ready to drop tens of millions
on the Jordan Lake Rules.

We are going to have to fund the new police officers
hired on Federal Grants.

We recieved a $50 million unfunded post retirement benefit obligation
from the state last fiscal year.

Our tax revenues continue to fall.

Seems kind of hard to make the case for a greenway
on top of the landfill staying closed.

We also are having to put more into pension payments.

And another million and a half for the pool every year.

Who can get elected
if they don't promise everything all the voters want?

I remember you told me that once.

Did you hear that Wake and Mecklenberg Counties
got an exemption from the law that killed RUCO?

We are the third biggest city,
and those you are endorsing harmed poor renters,
and you don't call them out on it.

Greensboro's Police Department budget has been cut at least $2.6 million
over the last two years.

The landfill remains closed.

The Aquatic Center is open.

Our elected leaders have betrayed the safety of our community
for narrow political special interests.

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