Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will Nancy Vaughan compound prior miscalculations on the White Street Landfill? - With a little Trudy Wade

If both Don and Nancy Vaughan voted to close the White Street Landfill in 2001,
which cost Greensboro's taxpayers at least $25,000,000 since 2006,
why would Nancy want to continue millions of unnecessary taxpayer expenditures
by voting to keep the landfill closed?

If the City of Greensboro loses about $5 million per year by keeping the landfill closed,
and Nancy votes to keep it closed for 5 more years
as Greensboro tax revenue continues to fall,
should Nancy Vaughan be held responsible for what could be
a $50 million loss to city taxpayers?

Wade indicated that Vaughan’s husband, Don,
is involved with the landfill in regards to methane reserves.

The city gives methane from the landfill to Cone Mills as an economic development incentive.

What is Don Vaughan's interest in the methane Greensboro gives away for free
that other municipalities sell to offset other taxation?

“I don’t know how she’s voting on the landfill at all,” Wade said.

Vaughan responded, “That’s a totally separate issue.”

“If you want to pull Waste Industries in just to deny me my ability [to vote],” she added,
“then I think that’s pretty transparent on why you’re going to do that.”

Wade responded, “If you vote against Gate City,
we’re going to have a very serious problem picking anyone but Waste Industries
because that would be the only way you couldn’t vote on it
and you know what the vote is right now.

And we’ve all seen what you’ve put on YES! Weekly blog.”

Vaughan has indicated in recent interviews that the city should honor a “pact”
made with residents when the council voted to close the landfill about 10 years ago...

If both Don and Nancy voted to close the landfill in 2001,
and Don ended up representing Waste Industries for the landfill in 2011,
could both Don and Nancy be somewhat hypocritical in their current stances?

"There’s been some discussion
that I’m trying to throw the vote to Waste Industries," Vaughan adds,
"but I think it’ s pretty clear that I don’t want the landfill open at all."

You’ve already lost $55 million from 2002 to now,” Wade said,
referring to what she said was lost money
from Greensboro not having a better trash disposal plan in place.
"And you’re saying we’re the problem?”

Will Nancy vote to spend about $8 million per year that the city doesn't have
to win reelection?

This mistake has probably already cost taxpayers
at least $25,000,000, Trudy's number not withstanding.

Open it up, save the money,
and buy into to something else close by.

Then close the landfill to municipal waste.

Every year it stays closed,
we lose somewhere between 4 to $8 million.

We cut the police budget $2.6 million in the last two years
while building a money losing swimming pool.

How many city employees should be fired to pay for the difference?

If many would like to raise every one's taxes specifically to keep the landfill closed,
then let's let the city vote on it.

I would prefer that city voters had to vote on it.

The choices are city jobs, a reopened landfill
or a tax increase.

Which would prefer Nancy?

A vote would put the facts in front of every body's faces.

This is not a racial issue.

This is a consequence of poor decision making,
of which Robbie, Don, Nancy and Mr. Phillips were involved.

Let's get informed and take a vote together
as a community.

Why should Greensboro's taxpayers
have to pay for other's artificially inflated real estate values
after they bought property near the landfill at a discount?

Are most of those who purchased properties at a discount,
because the landfill was there when they bought in,
deserving of a premium funded by everyone else when they sell?

Could many in East Greensboro be recieving misreprested messages
from some who may profit from a particular outcome?

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