Monday, August 15, 2011

"What a great example of how the press manipulates elections." Will the Greensboro News & Record's Allen Johnson or the Carolina Peacemaker respond?

"City Councilwoman T. Dianne Bellamy-Small explains (sort of) her reasoning for withdrawing from the mayor’s race this week and running instead for a fifth term in District 1.

Bellamy-Small says in a letter in this week’s Carolina Peacemaker:

“I have decided I can strategically be more effective on the City Council
as a part of a tactical team to bring sensibility back to city government
by rescinding my filing for Mayor and becoming a candidate for District 1 for a fifth term.”

If a sitting legislature lies to the public
should she be called out for it?

...she also makes it clear that she was not simply seeking publicity
by filing to ruin for mayor and that she was up to the task:
“I am as qualified as anyone running for mayor. To be mayor is just one way to lead.”

Bellamy-Small has always gone her own way,
with even her own distinctive style of leadership and even dress.

Sorry Allen, this was Bellamy-Small watching Robbie's left flank,
after announcing on the same day as her opponent had a press conference,

You know DJ was looking for a slow news day.

She tactfully trashed her opponent, misled the public,
and is now back to beat him, while you say this crap.

George Hartzman/Abner Doon

She isn’t always the easiest person to deal with one on one
(some of her fellow council members still say she can be very difficult),
but she has been a voice of reason in recent months
more often than many of us are willing to acknowledge.

What a great example of how the press manipulates elections.

Is the Carolina Peacemaker give DJ a chance to respond?

Are you going to give as much press to DJ as you have so puffilly for Diane?

George Hartzman/Abner Doon

No matter which office Bellamy-Small seeks when all is said and done,
this will be a pivotal election
that could significantly shift the balance of influence on the council
...even if only one seat changes hands.

Allen Johnson

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