Monday, August 22, 2011

Should the Greensboro News & Record show the numbers behind these amazing estimates?

"Visitor spending increased 7 percent to more than $1 billion in Guilford County last year.

How was this number figured?

“When the economy went bad a couple of years ago and the price of gas went up,
everyone tightened purse strings
... and after a year and a half of that they began to realize this is a new way of life
and decided to still get out and travel,”
said Henri Fourrier, president of the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Does "visitor spending" = "economic impact"
that Henri Fourrier uses with the same $1 billion estimate
on page H3 (print only edition)?

Did News & Record executives know there would be matching economic puff articles
in both the news and editorial sections of the paper on the same day,
like the High Point Road propaganda before City Council votes
to give money to the High Point Road business last year?

The store, Design Archives, regularly draws celebrities and the out-of-town shoppers
that helped generate more than $24 million in local sales tax."

If "visitor spending" = an estimated $1 billion
which generated $24 million in local sales tax,
do local tax rates = 0.024?

24,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 = 0.024
= 2.4% of $1billion was spent by "out-of-town shoppers"?


If Nancy and Henri are using the same $1 billion number
and Henri's propaganda piece says the $1 billion
was from "travel and tourism for Guilford County"
where is the supporting documentation?

Remember this one?

"...county support for a nationally televised event that could draw as many as 100,000 visitors
and whose local economic impact could approach $25 million
would send a positive message about this community’s willingness
to make public-private investments in such projects."

Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board

If $2 million in tickets plus $2 million for parking and concessions etc... = $4 million,
plus another $4 million for hotel rooms and food = $8 million,
how did who come up with what "could be" the other $17 million of economic "impact"?

Why would the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board
blindly cite what "could be a $25 million economic impact"
from the skating championships?


Don Moore said...

Economic Impact is a Magic Number used to justify their operation. There is no way to distinguish a visitor from someone just passing through on their way to Atlanta, Charlotte or Reidsville.

triadwatch said...

don, you will probably see them use the numbers from the regular citizens of greensboro using the facility as inflated numbers to show the bloated figures of visitors to the aquatic center