Saturday, August 27, 2011

Please re-elect the leadership that got us here? "Employment growth in the Greensboro-High Point metro area screeched to a halt in July"

"...In May and June, the growth rate slowed to 0.1 percent and then turned flat last month.

...the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina put the area unemployment rate at 10.8 percent...

“That’s consistent with an under performing, sickly labor market,”...

...“10.8 percent is a terrible level anyway you look at it.”

...employment in the metro area July, ...dropped by 6,600, or 1.9 percent.

Of those, 5,800 were government positions.

Did the City of Greensboro fire government employees
like firemen, police and social workers
to pay for lifeguards and principal and interest payments
for the GAC?

“We’re seeing thousands of public sector jobs being lost across the state’s metro areas
and only hundreds of private sector jobs replacing them,”...

How many private jobs may be lost to the White Oak Amphitheater
and the new banquet hall at the Coliseum?

""More and Better Jobs: Two-pronged approach

- 1)Recruit national companies on a regional basis
that will locate in the Piedmont Triad because of its geography and transportation infrastructure.

Was this goal accomplished with the Grant Robbie received from Guilford County
for Gunter's Crossing?

2)Grow our small businesses which are the backbone of America.

Was the Grant Robbie received from Guilford County
for Gunter's Crossing for a small business?

...“This negative job trade-off is a recipe for increasing unemployment, not economic recovery.”

Since the onset of the recession in December 2007, the state has lost 303,700 jobs,
or 7.3 percent of its employment base,
and has seen its unadjusted unemployment rate climb from 4.7 percent to 10.3 percent in July.

Last month, the state lost 4,100 more jobs than it gained.

“In recent months, North Carolina has witnessed a steady worsening of labor market conditions,”...

If most State, County and City budgets in NC
used more optimistic budget assumptions than the economy is delivering,
could may municipalities have inoperable adopted budgets
if assumptions used were based on artificial data from "stimulus"
that does not exist anymore?

“Most indicators now are trending in the wrong direction
and 2011 is on its way to becoming the third straight lost year for working North Carolinians.”


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