Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greensboro District #3 Candidate Jay Ovittore Will Not Bow To The TREBIC CARTEL

Ovittore Will Not Bow to Real Estate

Greensboro, NC 8/28/11 – In a move to show his fellow District 3 neighbors and constituents his commitment to a change in how local government works, Jay Ovittore today announced he will not seek the endorsement of TREBIC’s joint election committee or the Greensboro Landlords Association.

Ovittore says, “For far too long, our local real estate developers have had a monetary stranglehold on our City Council giving them an unfair advantage over average citizens. I see serving as a Councilman as a job beholden to serve the citizens of my district. I have no problem sitting and listening to the real estate community, but they will not get any special treatment compared to my next door neighbor or the family that lives down the street. I am fully aware that our developers have a role in how our city grows, but their ability to usurp power via campaign donations has got to stop so we can fix our local problems and serve our citizens, not just a select few. I have heard from the public repeatedly that they want representation that wasn’t purchased by real estate developers. I will be that representation. Being true to myself and those I hope to represent, I will not seek the endorsement of TREBIC’s joint election committee or the Greensboro Landlord’s Association.”

“I do see real problems in our local real estate market. The very people I am not going to be a pawn for, lobbied our state house to repeal our RUCO (Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy) program and others like it successfully. RUCO eliminated 80% of our sub-standard rental housing in Greensboro in 5 short years, all the while being fought by TREBIC and the Greensboro Landlords Association. RUCO didn’t only force rental property owners to keep their houses up to a minimum standard to live in, but ensured every Greensboro citizen that when they rented in our city they would be in a safe and habitable home. RUCO also kept property values in neighborhoods in a better position, which in turn kept tax revenue in a better position. Run down housing will bring down property values for houses that surround them, the same way foreclosures hurt entire neighborhoods.”

On skipping the questionnaires for TREBIC and GLA, Ovittore says, “There will be plenty of opportunities to answer questions for the public at local forums and in most local media. I look forward to debating my opponent in the coming months, giving the public a better option for Council and holding him accountable on issues I know my fellow constituents are upset about.”

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Jimfavreur said...

Great read! I belong to a landlord association so this information really drove home for me. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep up the great work.

Speedeamon said...

They should institute a mandatory use of free rental agreements!! I've recently advised a couple of friends to use them, and they are having good success!