Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another reason I am not running for Greensboro City Council in District 3

I believe the planned Urban Loop I oppose
that may bring an anticipated 70,000 autos per day
through a good chunk of District 3
is very important to Zach Matheny's employer.

At last check, if Bell Partners has three major apartment complexes etc...
built withing close proximity to planned Urban Loop exits,
and they want to try to make sure the highway is built as proposed as soon as possible,
which I oppose,
why wouldn't they do everything possible to make sure Zach stays right where he is
coincident with Robbie winning the mayoral race?

As I recall, Mr. Perkins suggested Greensboro lending North Carolina enough money
to get the Loop going in 2009/10.

To run against a crony-capitalist machine
which may intend to greatly profit from purchased legislators
that, as of Citizens United, can spend an unlimited amount of money
in a community with a compromised press on an opponent unable to match the firepower
would be suicide.

I believe District 3 will be represented by what is the worst
of what is wrong with our country.

And John Hammer will probably be there to back them up,
regardless of his so called conservatism.

Consider how John and the News & Record cover Bellamy Small's recent moves
to protect Robbie's left flank before the filing deadline.

Do you think they will call her out for it?

George Hartzman

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Joanne Wittenborn said...

George, I think that all the reasons you said as to why you are not running for City Council -District 3 is why you SHOULD be running for District 3 City Council. Am I wrong?