Saturday, August 20, 2011

An amazing story of how local papers manipulate the news, via Ed Cone

"Before stepping down as ...Times-Record managing editor,
Lee Morris wanted to tell readers about what the out-of-state owner
...was doing to their newspaper:

...banned criticism of the city, and ordered the Times-Record staff
to cover Chamber of Commerce luncheons and ribbon-cutting ceremonies

This newspaper does not belong to any committees,
is not apart of any clubs, and never intended to be anyone’s friend.

How many committees and clubs
do some Greensboro News & Records managers belong to?

That is meant to ensure unbiased news.

...the corporate publisher held a conference call
...and that he told everyone what I wrote was false.

Before [2007], the Times-Record allowed itself to be controlled
by well-connected individuals and advertisers.

I don’t think people at the paper are buying that."

Via Ed Cone

[The Newspaper Owner] believes it can increase profits
and will take anymeasure necessary to do so,
including catering to the wishes of local businesses and officials.

I fear Times-Record reporters will be so busy designing pages
and covering luncheons and award ceremonies,
they’ll have very little time for journalism.

Like Robbie's Grant and Skip's Refi?

And, after the public adjusts to the changes,
they may not even remember the alternative.

You, the reader, ...are not supposed to care that your newspaper
is headed for happy land and bad journalism.

Lee Morris

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