Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revised Proposed Congressional Dumps 13th in Guilford County and Adds More to 6th in Rep. Howard Coble

Revised Proposed Congressional District 6 NC

Today 7-19-2011 the North Carolina Redistricting Commission came out with a revised Congressional districts and the embedded map above will show you that the 6th district which is now represented by  Rep. Howard Coble will be more up in the northern part of North Carolina. The first round of maps had Guiilford County split between 3 congressional districts and now we see that it is down to 2 congressional which is much better.

If you would like to see all the statistics on the congressinal districts which is now called Rucho-Lewis Congress 2 CLICKHERE

There is also a interactive map which can go down to the street level to see whop is in your district and for the new congressional map please pick the rucho lewis congress 2 plan CLICKHERE

Below is a map of the whole State of North Carolina with the revised Congressional Districts

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