Saturday, July 2, 2011

North Carolina District Map Viewer to Help in Finding Out The New Redistricting Boundaries and Where You Live

The North Carolina General Assembly has a great tool to use to see the new boundaries for the redistricting maps that have been proposed from the North Carolina Redistricting Commission. To see where you live and who might be your representative CLICKHERE  then launch viewer. You will then need to zoom down to where you live and then there is a drop down screen named district plans in top right corner which has options for you to choose from which include:

-lewis house vra corrected
-lewis house vra districts
-nc house 2010
-rucho senate vra districts
-nc senate 2010
-rucho-lewis congress 1
-congressional 2010

The newest map that just came out is the rucho-lewis congress 1 . For those in Guilford County you will see that District #6 is Rep. Howard Coble's district, District #12 is Rep. Mel Watt's district and District #13 is Rep. Brad Miller's district.

If you put in the rucho-lewis congress 1 it is very interesting to see just where these boundaries for the districts lie. You can also put the old boundaries like the congressional 2010 as well and you can see just where the new boundaries are compared to the existing boundaries . Fun stuff and enjoy.

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