Friday, July 1, 2011

North Carolina Congressional Map is out for District #12 Embedded in Post

North Carolina Redistricting in 2011 new map for Congressional District 12

The new redistricting commission has come out with the congressional maps for the 13 districts in North Carolina. Embedded above is the map for district #12 which is now held by Rep. Mel Watt. As we can see they kept the completely gerrymamdered district and it looks like more of Greensboro is represented from Charlotte's Mel Watt. Here is a link to the redistricting commission web site on the congressional maps CLICKHERE

proposed map above of the whole state of N.C. in regards to the congressional maps.

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Don Moore said...

Guilford County gets screwed again - no county should have more than 1 Representative.

triadwatch said...

i hate that they did that. at least guilford is not the winner in how many reps from county cause wake has 4