Wednesday, July 27, 2011

June Durable Goods: If the US economy could lose about 2.3 million more jobs in the near term, what should happen to durable goods orders going forward?

If North Carolina’s State Government is going to layoff about 11,000 employees,
not counting city and county reductions,
and about 20,000 public sector jobs get eliminated in NC over the next six months,
x 50 other states,
could the US lose at least 1,000,000 job losses in the near term
causing even higher budget deficits across the board?

If the fed debt limit deal, which could be 3 to 4 trillion over 10 years,
cuts about $100 to 250 billion in the first year,
because they will most likely back load most of the most painful cuts,
and every $100 billion cut probably eliminates about 1.3 million more jobs,
could the US lose another 2.3 million jobs inside of 12 months
not counting multiplier effects from businesses dependent on other people’s income?

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