Monday, November 7, 2011

If the RUCO Advisory Board was stacked with Robbie Perkins' associates, why wouldn't he vote against their recommendations, knowing that his political campaign backers and TREBIC, which his company funds, would vote to kill RUCO, leaving Robbie the East Greensboro Vote?

"[Donna] Newton caused distress among some of her fellow task force members
by expressing the view that the makeup of the RUCO Advisory Board,
which hears and determines appeals from decisions of the building inspector,
should include more “representation from people who do not profit from rental property.”

Reynolds added that he receives questions about the board makeup “quite often,”
and handed out a roster of members to delineate the various members' ties and affiliations.

The [RUCO taskforce] roster shows that,
not counting city council liaison Robbie Perkins and two staff members,
six out of 11 members are either agents or owners of rental properties,
including [Lisa] Dellinger; [a representative of the Triad Real Estate and Building Industries Coalition,
or TREBIC, who is employed as residential property manager for Koury Corp]
Sims; District 3 appointee Peter Placentino, who works for Brown Investment Properties;
Bobby Akin of the Greensboro Landlords Association;
Bryon Nelson of the Triad Apartment Association;
and Todd Rotruck, the representative for the neighborhood congress.

...Dellinger said, “It’s also come to our attention that there is a movement on city council to….”

Sims finished her sentence: “Go to a complaint-based system,
and even, in some quiet corners, to do away with it altogether.”...

Dellinger indicated that she doesn’t believe she and other RUCO Board members
with ties to the real estate industry have a conflict of interest.

“I have 37 and a half years in this industry,” she said.

“I represent multi-family and single-family homes.

I don’t stand to profit by anything personally.

And I’ve been the TREBIC representative, and TREBIC is not profiting.

There’s no money going back in their pocket.”

Newton responded,While you don’t stand to profit personally
from a particular rental property, Lisa – and I think you’ve served well on this committee
– that is who pays your bills.”

“I’m representing TREBIC,” Dellinger said. “I’m not representing Koury.”

“But TREBIC represents landlords who do profit from rental property,” Newton replied."


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