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Guilford County Redistricting Map Turned in by ME to Hopefully Bring A Simple Map That Makes Sense

Guilford County Commissioners 2011 Redistricting Map for 8 District by Keith Brown

also here is a link to the statistics on the 8 member 1 at large districts CLICKHERE
The Guilford County Commissioners are in the process of redistricting every single voter in this county. At the last redistricting meeting Commissioner Kirk Perkins wanted all maps be turned in by today 7-6-2011 to the redistricting meeting at 3:30pm.But during today's meeting he extended the deadline till Friday 7-8-2011 so if you want to get your map in please hurry. Jordan Green at Yes! Weekly will help you in the process if you want help here is a comment by him on that CLICKHERE

As you will see i your humble blogger turned in a map along with statistics on each of the 8 districts under the new state law in regards to having a 8 district and 1 at large map for Guilford County. To make a long story short without getting into all the statistics details here is a synopsis below.

.Let's start with district #1 which is one of the voting rights act district mandated by federal law. This district stretches from High Point through Jamestown and into Greensboro. I am not a fan of splitting municipalities but in this case Jamestown needed to be split because the minority voters in High Point did not reach the 50 % plus 1 level and needed to pick up some of Commissioner Alston's precincts. It was a tough one to draw but hopefully it is ok.

District #2 is one of the faster growing in population areas of Guilford County which is the eastchester drive area of High Point going all the way west to the county line.

District #3 runs from Oak Ridge and down to Jamestown

District #4 mainly runs in the Greensboro area being one of the 3 voting rights act areas of Guilford County

District #5 is the last voting rights act areas which stretches on the eastern side of Greensboro.

District #6 is a big area in regards space in Guilford County and is one of the growth areas that i see in future on where development is going in eastern Guilford County. One aspect that i see happening on plenty of maps is that the town of Pleasant Garden is split between 2 commissioners but under my map they actually are together as one commissioner. Right now 2 commissioners reside in this area but in my making this map i didn't take into consideration where the incumbents live because it should not be a part of the process.  This process of redistricting every 10 years should not be a incumbency protection act in regards to a map.

District #7 is where there is a lot of growth and the representation of Summerfield and Stokesdale along with some northern guilford county residents needed to have representation and i think having this district as you see on the map is good and feasible.

District #8 is made up of a  Greensboro district .

Hopefully you like this map and can say to the Guilford County Commissioners that Keith Brown's map is good and i like it.

If you would like to send a suggestion to the Guilford County Attorney in regards to this please let Mark Payne know you like this map. Here is his e mail,


Public Submission for Proposed Maps Redrawing Commissioners' Districts Being Accepted



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