Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Allen Johnson: "Honda, the tea party and incentives"

Honda, the tea party and incentives

"Rapid Increase in Demand for Utility, Rent,
and Mortgage Assistance" - Time for us to step up.

Bread Lines

NC is going to lay off about 11,000 workers, not counting local governments.
Hondajet Math

If life needs sustenance and a temperate climate, is want everything else?

Is attachment suffering?

If non-material want can provide a high quality of life,
while material want doesn’t necessarily create happiness,
is it better to be miserable with a high standard of living than unhappy and poor?

What do you do in a battle in which you die if you don’t fight or lose?

Are chances better
for players who more accurately calculate probabilities the farthest into the future?

Should strategy be merciless
if a pawn can become a queen, weakness can become and overcome strength,
and defense is offense?

Should you do to others what you would want them to do to you,
unless you need not to?

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