Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why was a private attorney hired to represent the City of Greensboro for the Landfill court case, how much is it going to cost, and why isn't the legal department representing the city?

"City attorney's contract

There has been speculation about whether Greensboro City Attorney J. Rita Danish's job
could be in jeopardy,
since the City Council now has the ability to hire and fire the attorney.

...Danish earns $173,000 a year, plus benefits including a $500 a month executive allowance.

So what is her total compensation package worth,
including benefits?

That makes her one of the best-paid city employees.

...If they terminate her, she will receive six months salary plus six months benefits.

What are the benefits worth?

She would not be entitled to those severance payments if she is fired
due to some illegal action or if her ability to do the job is impaired.


How about Robbie Perkins' White Street Landfill conflict of interest ruling?


Amanda said...

The city hires private attorneys to do all kinds of things, from foreclosing property to handling specialty legal issues. In this case, the have a private attorney because he is a specialist in environmental law.

triadwatch said...

thanks amanda.