Thursday, June 9, 2011

"What to Do Now" with George Hartzman: Possibly the most economically important 8 hour CPA CPE of 2011

What to Do Now, is an Intermediate / Advanced CPE Workshop, presented by Think Professional Education, a registered sponsor of continuing professional education with the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners.

Critical analysis and debate for CPAs in public accounting and industry

Topics: An overview of current geopolitical and economic events, with concentrations on post Japan Earthquake/Nuclear economic impact and Middle East Revolution, Keynesian versus Austrian Economics, Central Bank Economic, Financial & Currency Intervention, Tax Ethics, Mark to Market Accounting, Communication Ethics, Federal Reserve, FASB, Healthcare Ethics, Peak Oil & Credit, Bailouts, Social Security, North Carolina and local municipal budget and finance highlights, Planning, Debt and Statistics, Cognitive Dissonance, Business and Regulatory Ethics.

The 8 hour class qualifies for 2 hours of North Carolina Required Ethics.

Each Attendee will receive a dated, numbered, and signed copy
of Think, What to Do Now.

What are North Carolina CPAs saying
about George Hartzman's CPE Classes?

Definitely an eye opener.

Refreshing among CPE courses.

Great update on econ/political/global situations.

Great perspectives on economic/financial issues.

Enjoyed the Socratic debate.

It was the most bizarre, fascinating, strange, interesting,
different and unique course I’ve taken.

George Hartzman, President of Think Professional Education
specializes in economics and financial ethics
and has taught North Carolina CPA CPE for eleven years.

Steeped in current events and situations on a national and global scale.

Unlike any other – excellent discussions, works your brain.

Better understanding
of government fiscal & economic practices and policies.

George is the author of What to Do Now, Think, Investor Guide,
Think, Retirement Plan Edition, Fiduciary Guide,
Questions for Investors,
Questions for America

and What Could Happen After What May Happen Next,
which are used to teach CPE and adult education.

It’s a great “outside of the box” CPE course.

New ways of looking at some current economic conditions.

nlike any class I've attended for CPE, in a good way.

This is one the few CPE courses that make me think.

High level explanation of recent political events
and tie in to financial topics.

Different, interesting, relevant, thought provoking.

The CPA shall maintain documentation proving that the course met these standards. Attendance certificates will be distributed upon class sign in and out and evaluation completion. Lecture Format. No advanced preparation or prerequisites necessary.

Not your normal CPA CPE!

Highly recommend.

Makes you aware of what is happening in our country.

The discussion on current problems facing the nation was great.

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