Sunday, June 12, 2011

A response to a response on the White Washing of the White Street Landfill Deal.

This thing is bullsiht.

I have had a request for the number of Greensboro trash only to the city for a couple of weeks.

If those against had a bit of scruples, they would have found out what the numbers were
and had a press conference.

I am for reopening the landfill to save Greensboro money.

Not pad corporate pockets at the expense of the folks living out there.

No wonder how none of the Guilford County Commissioners have said anything.

Has Skip Alston said anything?

Has Kirk Perkins?

Has Coleman?

Guilford County is going to piggy back into the deal
and those commissioners whose districts are in or near the landfill
should be ashamed of themselves.

Meanwhile, how are Kee, Small and Perkins not playing the East side of Greensboro
by not telling the truth about where all the trash is going to be coming from?

70% less trash = 70% fewer trash trucks.

70% less smell.

70% less profit for who gets the contract.

Welcome to Greensboro,
where the politicians who say they act in the best interests of their constituents,
really don't.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is the dump being bought or sold?

Did DH Griffin give $1000 cash to the Knight campaign?
Did DH Griffin give $4300 to the Wade Senate campaign?
Who are all the anonymous donors on there reports?

Is it a conflict?
Who is being represented?
Follow the money?