Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Pamlico N.C. County Schools Superintendent steps down to save jobs"

"Dr. James Coon, Pamlico County Schools Superintendent
has been in education for more than thirty years,
but only in Pamlico County for a little over 2.

When budget cuts, meant someone in administration here would have to be let go,
Dr. Coon decided to cut himself.

“Someone had to leave,
and I don’t think it should be someone who dedicated their life to Pamlico County,” he said.

Dr. Coon says it’s frustrating because its not the kids that got us into this financial crisis,
but it could ultimately be them who pay the price,
and he says he has a responsibility to the kids who sit in these chairs,
one that begins by teaching them to do the right thing

...He gets a pension from being an educator in New York state, enough to live on he says.

Dr. Wanda Dawson will replace him,
and she says the one thing there is no price tag for, leading by example."

Eyewitness News

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