Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the $19.7 billion North Carolina state government spending plan for 2011-12.

"— lets expire a temporary penny sales tax increase and surtax on corporate income
and individual income tax originally approved in 2009,
losing $1.3 billion in state revenues.

— generates more than $100 million in fees,
of which about one-third would go to counties
if separate criminal justice reforms are approved.

— creates a tax break on first $50,000 of net income for small businesses.

— increases by $248.1 million contributions to public employee retirement system.

— provides no pay increases for state employees and public school teachers...

— sets aside $185 million more in rainy day reserve fund
and $125 million for government building repairs and renovations.

Local school districts are required to find $124 million in additional cuts,
with reductions made at their discretion.

— reduces funding for new textbooks by $92 million and instructional supplies by $42 million.

— reduce state funding allotment to pay for school janitors,
clerical staff and other personnel by 15 percent;
for central staff in districts by 16 percent, and assistant principals by 19 percent.

— requires the University of North Carolina system to find $414 million in savings,
with the cuts at the discretion of administrators.

— reduces funding for both the More at Four preschool program
and Smart Start early childhood initiative by 20 percent.

— increases community college tuition by $10 per credit hour
to $66.50 for residents and $258.50 for nonresidents.

— abolishes Health and Wellness Trust Fund,
which receives 25 percent of the state's share of the national tobacco settlement.

— reduces spending in the agency that oversees Medicaid
to a level $222 million less than the governor's proposal,
along with cuts to mental health funding.

— eliminates the remaining $50,000 in the State Abortion Fund
designed to help low-income families.

The fund has become largely dormant for many years.

— prevents Department of Health and Human Services
from providing funds to Planned Parenthood.

— eliminates 30 positions in seven regional offices
of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

— reduces 55 support staff positions for district attorneys.

— eliminates all state funding for drug treatment court
and Sentencing Services programs.

— eliminates 21 staff psychologists,
housing unit supervisor and youth counselor technicians in juvenile justice system.

— closes four minimum security prisons as part of criminal justice reforms.

— reduces funding for The Lost Colony
and eliminates funding for Shakespeare Festival and Vagabond School of Drama.

— reduces state funding to local libraries by 13 percent.

— requires tolls on all state-operated ferries except for two routes"

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