Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Labor's Share Of National Income Drops To Lowest In History" the latest note from David Rosenberg points out,

the "labor share of national income has fallen to its lower level in modern history..."

..."some recovery it has been - a recovery in which labor's share of the spoils
has declined to unprecedented levels."

..."extremes like this, unfortunately, never seem to lead us to a very stable place."

...not only does the US already have the core elements, should one be so inclined,
to provoke a (rather active) anti-fascist movement
based on some interpretations of pro-corporatists policies adopted by the administration,
but should another be so inclined, the country also has the groundwork in place
for another neo-Marxist revolution:

just take this chart, add some slogans, mix, and simmer.

And who will be the natural enemy?

Why only look at the great October revolution in Russia for ideas.

History always rhymes.


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