Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Billy Jones via Ed Cone on the White Street Landfill

"...Greensboro should use the White Street Landfill
because it's Greensboro's garbage.

Every community in America should be required to take care of its own garbage
within the corporate limits of the city.

Greensboro shouldn't be sending our garbage out of town
and Greensboro shouldn't be accepting garbage from elsewhere.

Only when people wake up and realize that our trash is our problem
and should not be pushed off on others or handed down to our grandchildren
will the problem be dealt with in a reasonable and efficient manner.

We need to reopen White Street to municipal waste.

We don't need to send our waste elsewhere.

We don't need a 3rd party company to handle this for us
as we already have one of the most efficient pick-up services in the nation
and a landfill that has been praised by the institutions
that govern landfill management in North Carolina.

Landfills are 21st Century gold minds.

Men like DH Griffin and the management at Waste Industries are well aware of that fact.

...$Millions of dollars the taxpayers shouldn't be forced to give away.

Why not put a landfill is some other part of the city?

Simple: There is no other piece of available property in Guilford County
that meets State and Federal standards.

Greensboro should buy the houses closest to the Landfill
and pay above market rates for inconveniencing the people who live there.

Then build an entrance from US 29 and East Cone Blvd
-- a road they're already committed to building and have already rough graded.

The cost of building the new road is the same as 1 year of hauling our garbage out of town."

Billy Jones via Ed Cone

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