Monday, June 6, 2011

Agenda Items of Interest for Tomorow's Greensboro City Council Meeting

6. Resolution authorizing City Attorney to institute proceedings to condemn a portion of property of Monte M. Lewis and Sandy S. Lewis in connection with the Pleasant Ridge Road Outfall Project.
Can a non-NC registered attorney condemn NC property?

13. Motion to approve Greensboro/Guilford County Tourism Development Authority 2011-2012
Fiscal Year Budget.

Is someone going to ask Henri Fourrier,
President/CEO/Director of Marketing/Communications
of the publicly funded Greensboro Area Convention & Visitors Bureau,
how much he has been giving and spending on what?

Has Henry given tickets to Greensboro's Chamber members,
City Council or County Commissioners?

Isn't that the same Henri Fourrier
who sold Greensboro’s electorate on an Aquatic Center
with a non-independent, non third party “hypothetical”,
which many considered to be more than a little fraudulent
which Zack, Robbie, Dianne and Nancy used for cover
that to some in Greensboro believe was a coordinated political malfeasance
that will most likely cost Greensboro millions
in principal, interest, operating and maintenance costs,
much of which isn't reported through the Coliseums accounting?

Will there ever be a Greensboro Media Outlet
that forsakes all the free tickets and perks,
to actually find out how much costs the Coliseum and Rashad
eliminate from Matt's books,
so they look better?

17. Public Hearing to receive public comment on the recommended Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Annual

30. Resolution approving use of $34,000 in additional funds to procure and install the Aquatic Center mezzanine aluminum seating and tip and roll portable bleachers.

If the original bid was $76,000,
how can aluminum seating cost about 45% more?

If the seating cost is being funded through the "City's Capital Lease Program",
what else is being hidden by the City in the Coliseum's "actual" budget?

41. Resolution approving Capital Fund expenditures from a portion of the Seventy Percent (70%) net proceeds of the Occupancy Tax received by the Greensboro/Guilford County Tourism Development Authority from the original Guilford County Three Percent (3%) Room Occupancy Tax for the expansion of the Coliseum and Debt Reduction.

How about that $16.7 million Aquatic Center
for the low, low price of more than $19.5 million
that we know of?

42. Resolution providing for the issuance of $6,000,000 General Obligation Parks and Recreational Facilities Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2011A.

Why are the bonds called "Parks and Rec"
if the money is going to the Coliseum?

Will the bond payments show on the Coliseum's balance sheet?

43. Resolution urging members of the General Assembly and Governor Perdue to support of
S773/H 472 - City/County Electronic Notice.

Will the Editorial Boards chime in on this one?

44. Resolution urging members of the General Assembly and Governor Perdue to oppose S683/H554 - Residential Building Inspections Act and any legislation which would prohibit or limit the ability of local governments to inspect residential buildings or structures.

Who put this on the Agenda?

Why are there no named sponsors in the House Bill?

Will Robbie vote for,
but still pay TREBIC to gut it,
while taking campaign contributions from those
who want to kill RUCO?


1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

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