Friday, May 27, 2011

WGHP: Rolled like a doughnut?

"The White Oak Amphitheatre is expected to operate with a $197,000 surplus next fiscal year,
but the Greensboro Aquatic Center is projected to lose twice as much money.

According to the budget projection released on Friday,
the aquatic center is expected to generate $534,000 in total revenue.

However, the budget estimates that $935,000 will be spent on maintenance, operations and personnel.

That leads to a net loss of $401,000.

Except for the Principal and Interest on abourt $19 million in debt
plus another $600,000?

In comparison, the amphitheatre is expected to operate with a $197,000 net surplus.

Minus how much it cost to build the amphitheatre?

Not counting all the actual expenses are we?

However, the surplus can happen only
if it sells a certain amount of food, beverages and merchandise,
as well as generate enough parking revenue.



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