Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Call on Redistricting in North Carolina from WRAL LIVE FEED

On Monday 5-9-2011 this was the last chance to talk about redistricting before the state legislature makes changes to the congressional and state districts all over this state . The above video was taken by a live feed in the chambers from WRAL tv, the video last over an hour  CLICKHERE . It is great to see a local station provide this to the citizens because around these parts with a huge crowd at GTCC a few weeks ago in regards to redistricting there was not one media outlet to show up , pathetic.

One of the most vocal groups to speak on this subject is the Southern Coalition for Social Justice here is a link to their web site CLICKHERE . This is the same group who has spearheaded the opposition the the opening of the White Street Landfill along with speaking out on the redistricting process in Greensboro the past few weeks.

Enjoy the video because TRIADWATCH has a feeling that when the Republican majority comes out with their maps you will see a full throttle assault by

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