Monday, May 2, 2011

Is John Hammer Scapegoating Joe Killian to cover for Mary Rakestraw and Bill Burkley?

"...Killian also completely mischaracterizes
how Councilmember Mary Rakestraw came to present the redistricting plan to the City Council
in his April 21 article.

...Killian wrote, "the news was another twist that came on a day
when Councilwoman Mary Rakestraw
– who submitted the map the council members approved Tuesday night
– announced she didn't create the map at all: It mysteriously showed up on her doorstep."...

Was Mary misquoted?

Did Rakestraw draw the map? Not on your life.

Did she know exactly who did or who left the map on her doorstep? At the time she didn't.

So was Mary misquoted?

Rakestraw said she had consulted with city staff and with Burckley about the new districts,
and that Gilbert also had to be consulted on election matters.

Why didn't Mary tell Joe Killian what she told John Hammer?

Why is John Hammer using "said"
instead of a direct quote from Mary?

It turned out the mystery map was done by Burckley,
but it also could have been done by the city staff or the Guilford County Board of Elections.

Was Bill Burckley paid to do the map?

How much have Bill Burckley's clients given the Rhino Times
for advertising during election seasons?

Rakestraw said she didn't know exactly who produced this particular map
and left it on her doorstep,
but that it had all the numbers that those involved had been talking about
and moved the precincts that everyone had agreed needed to be moved.


If Mary was familiar with the numbers on the map,
did Mary lie to Joe?

Lying by omission

One lies by omission by omitting an important fact,
deliberately leaving another person with a misconception.

Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions.

…Propaganda is an example of lying by omission.


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