Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greensboro Tax Increase? Does the City of Greensboro intend to legitamize gambling?

"Young is recommending a reduction of expenditures of $9.5 million.

In previous discussions, Young has presented options for cutting up to $15 million.

Young said the current budget gap is $8.6 million.

He hasn't talked about anticipated state revenue reductions yet tonight.

The budget also includes $3.3 million in revenue enhancements,
partially through fee increases."

Is a revenue enhancetent a tax increase?

Revenue enhancements include a new fee for privilege licenses
assessed on internet sweepstakes/video poker operators,
new fees for plan review and permitting changes, and fire lane and inspection fees.

Does the City of Greensboro intend to legitamize gambling?

Much of the revenue is also from one-time transfers from various funds to the general fund.

Awesome. How much revenue?

"revenue" like how Guilford County plans to spend more than $29 million in savings?

Fund areas raided in the transfers include employee insurance;
equipment services; parking; network services; general insurance;
and housing and community development.

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