Tuesday, May 17, 2011



SE Bryant, pastor, Snow Hill Missionary Baptist Church, of Roseboro Sampson County,
says he supports Waste Industries.

"They are very thorough in what they do....

"My church is right next to the landfill.

I got to that ministry I was concerned about the water supply,
I was concerned about the birds.

They were concerned too.

I didn't have to come to them.

They came to me....

"If you are looking for an industry that is interested in the community,
you’re looking at a good one.

"I’m not going to lie for them.

I’m not going to lie to them or about ’em."

In response to a question from Bellamy-Small,
Bryant says his church received $10,000 in scholarships from Waste Industries.



A quartet of Waste Industries employees wearing reflective vests
has been speaking in favor of their company.

Bellamy-Small asks one if he was asked to speak or he volunteered.

"I volunteered," he says.

Another says, "The company didn't have to ask me to come up and speak.

I'm one of their more outspoken employees"

The employees have been sitting behind me.

The Rev. Julie Peeples, who is sitting two seats away from me,
says the employees have been getting coached.

A managerial looking person sitting behind me
addresses one of the employees returning from the podium.

"You're a hero," he says. "Good job.""

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