Monday, April 25, 2011

Triad Food Review , Darryl's Wood Fired Grill

Had a chance to eat with the family for Easter Weekend and wanted to share with you the food at a establishment that has been resurrected from the abyss to a delighfully great place to eat and to see the nostalgic of the past from a person who remembers back in the day when Greensboro N.C. had 2 of these restaurants, one in the location now on High Point Road and the other on Church Street down below Moses Cone Hospital.This place is called Darryl's Wood Fired Grill web site CLICKHERE

Upon arriving to our table walking pass the jail cell and seeing all the mug shots of the famous people was fun to see. The menu from the waitress was huge but what caught my eye was the massive menu for the BEER on tap and a huge selection to choose from. below is a picture of the beer menu.

There was something that i have never done before but having worked in the beer industry for awhile it was interesting to hear about having a BEER FLIGHT. A Beer flight is when you can sample multiple draft beers on tap without breaking the bank paying for a full glass they come in small glasses to your table and you get to pick the beers you would like to sample with out breaking the bank paying for a full glass. My beverage of choice was these 4 beers carolina copperline, new belgium seasonal, highland gaelic and a local favorite in Red Oak from right outside greensboro with a brewery off of I40 going towards Burlington N.C. . My favorite was Highland Gaelic from Asheville N.C. very good amber beer just to my tasting.

While i was sampling the beer flight the family wanted a appetizer and we had to have the famous Darryl's Original Crackers with ranch dressing.

These crackers hit the spot waiting on the main course to come. Having these crackers brought back plenty of memories from the past especially alll the time we spent as a family going to the Darryl's on Church Street in Greensboro.

My wife and daughter wanted to share a meal and decided on this one below

this is the rib and rib combo which is a combo of beef ribs and baby back pork ribs and seeing my daughter devour the whole plate of beef ribs with the great sauce on the beef was a sight to see all she could say was yummy. My wife like the meat on the pork ribs and it fell off the bone which is a great sign for a good meal.

I decided to try the reserve burger i am a burger nut and this burger was real good. I like my burger well done with no red in it and this burger was made to perfection. No complaining from me on this burger and one of the best parts of having this signature burger was having a beverage to help me out in this process. I like to have a beer before the meal but want a non alcoholic beverage during my meal. This is one of the few places who likes to stick to their roots in North Carolina and what a better way to drink to the Tar Heel roots is to down the reserve burger with a glass of CHEERWINE. Having a burger with a glass of Cheerwine made for a great Easter weekend.

Now onto the dessert for the day and the kids wanted to have this

Smores was a great topping to a great meal and if you want to experience a great restaurant please check out Darryl's Wood Fired Grill. The only thing that they might want to change is to add a grilled cheese on the kids menu or even on the main menu because if there are kids like my son he loves a grilled cheese sandwich and would have gotten one but got the chicken tenders instead.

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