Monday, April 25, 2011

Should North Carolina Cap Public-Employee Pensions?

"A majority of California voters support capping the pensions of current and future public employees to balance the state’s budget...

Voters support the idea 70 percent to 22 percent...

...Rising pension costs are straining the budgets of U.S. states and cities that are already grappling with income- and sales-tax revenue that hasn’t fully recovered from the longest recession since the Great Depression.

...68 percent supported increasing the share that future and current public employees contribute to their pension and retirement benefits, while 22 percent opposed that idea, according to the results. The respondents were split on whether to cut pension and retirement benefits for future and current public workers, with 50 percent supporting the step and 41 percent opposing it.

More than half, 52 percent, backed raising the age when public employees can retire and begin collecting pension benefits, while 38 percent opposed that idea."

Alison Vekshin

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