Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rep. Brad Miller Is Toast And Hopefully Gone from Guilford County When Redistricting Happens

The Washington Post had a interesting article online in regards to the redistricting of house members with the title "The most likely redistricting victims" CLICKHERE .  In the article called THE FIX Aaron Blake has a
Top 10 victims in regards to redistricting in 2011 and our gerrymandered make a seat tailored to myself
Rep. Brad Miller was #2 on the list and here is what they had to say about him,

2. Brad Miller (D-N.C.): Ten years ago, as a state senator, Miller helped draw the lines for his own district. Even Democrats admit it’s a pretty blatant gerrymander. Now that Republicans control the process, it will be easy for them to get revenge by cutting off the the skinny fingers where his district reaches into Democratic territory in Raleigh and Greensboro. Such a change would shift the district instantly into a pretty strong Republican seat. Republicans aim to pick off two or three seats in North Carolina, and none should be easier than Miller’s. (Republicans point out that Miller raised just $32,000 in the first quarter and has just $69,000 on hand — not exactly the numbers of someone gearing up to run in a very tough seat.)

It will be interesting to see what happens on the state level in regards to this issue but I have a feeling we might see Rep. Howard Coble become the only representative from Guilford County which to me would be a good thing for the residents of Guilford County.

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Don Moore said...

Brad is apparently so sure he is gone that he did not buy a Billboard at the Greensboro Grasshoppers (where Howard Coble has "been our Congressman" for years. Brad must have been our "other Congressman" up until this year.

triadwatch said...

Great observation on the billboards don that is pretty telling