Wednesday, April 27, 2011

North Carolina Commerce and Job Development House Standing Committee, where "HB 554 on Residential Building Inspections" sits with no sponsors: but here are the members of the committee.

Commerce and Job Development House Standing Committee

Chairman Rep. McComas
Vice Chairman Rep. Brawley
Vice Chairman Rep. Horn
Vice Chairman Rep. Justice
Vice Chairman Rep. Moffitt
Vice Chairman Rep. Shepard
Vice Chairman Rep. Steen
Vice Chairman Rep. Stone

Members Rep. Adams, Rep. K. Alexander, Rep. Avila, Rep. Bell, Rep. Boles, Rep. Bradley, Rep. Brandon, Rep. L. Brown, Rep. Brubaker, Rep. Carney, Rep. Collins, Rep. Cook, Rep. Current, Rep. Dockham, Rep. Dollar, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Floyd, Rep. Folwell, Rep. Frye, Rep. Goodman, Rep. Graham, Rep. Hager, Rep. Hamilton, Rep. Hastings, Rep. Hill, Rep. Holloway, Rep. Jeffus, Rep. Johnson, Rep. LaRoque, Rep. Lewis, Rep. Lucas, Rep. McCormick, Rep. McGuirt, Rep. McLawhorn, Rep. R. Moore, Rep. Murry, Rep. Owens, Rep. Parfitt, Rep. Pierce, Rep. Rapp, Rep. Sager, Rep. Samuelson, Rep. Sanderson, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Spear, Rep. Starnes, Rep. Tolson, Rep. Torbett, Rep. Wainwright, Rep. E. Warren, Rep. H. Warren, Rep. West, Rep. Wilkins, Rep. Womble, Rep. Wray

Bills in Committee: H24, H223, H226, H228, H237, H240, H308, H319, H353, H419, H421, H448, H462, H479, H547, H554, H652, H654, H663, H676, H713, H721, H724, H735, H747, H749, H764, H781, H790, H791, H800, H827, H828, H832, H839, S26, S91, S194, S346

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