Monday, April 25, 2011

Keith Brown on Phil Berger, Stan Bingham and Don Vaughan and Gerrymandering in North Carolina's Senate

"...Right now our county is divided by four senate seats.

...our state constitution it states that "no county shall be divided in the formation of a senate district".

In Guilford County we have not one but two senators who break this state constitutional amendment
in Senator Phil Berger from Rockingham County
and Senator Stan Bingham from Davidson County.

The Court in Stephenson prescribed a step-by-step method
for harmonizing the Whole County Provision with the other laws.

First, the General Assembly should draw the districts
 required by the Voting Rights Act.

Second, it should take all the counties with just the right population
to be single-member districts and make them one-county single-member districts.

Third, it should take all the counties
that have just the right populations for one or more districts
and divide those counties into compact single-member districts.

Fourth, for the remaining counties it should group them into clusters of counties
and divide the clusters into compact single-member districts,
crossing county lines within the cluster as little as possible.


...we have two senate districts crossing into Guilford County.

...23.43% of total residents of Guilford County who are represented by these two senators
who cross county lines unconstitutionally, and being at 23.43% of total Guilford County residents
is not even close to being as little as possible crossing into Guilford County.

...What is possible is to take the residents of Senator Berger's district who are in Guilford County
since he is over the ideal population in 2010
and have them be a part of Guilford County, in either Senator Vaughan's or Sen. Robinson's districts.

Does Sen. Stan Bingham need to be in Guilford County at all
at 5.14 % of Guilford County population?

I would say NO.

We have seen in the past where the gerrymandering of these districts
have really taken a turn for the worse because of non competition
and having party affiliation be a part of the process.

...both Sen. Bingham and Sen. Berger
take a huge population of republican voters out of guilford county
and keep their districts safe for them.

This in turn gives the advantage to the Democratic party in Guilford County
to keep a strong hold on the other 2 senate seats.

...Why waste your money when the numbers are so far off
to compete in these senate seats."

Keith Brown

Here is a link to a place where you can submit your thoughts on redistricting and if you agree with any piece of what was written please feel free to copy and send to you state house and senate members

also here is a link to the chairman of the senate redistricting committee
Sen. Bob Rucho  CLICKHERE

also here is a link to the chairman of the house redistricting committee
senior chairman Rep. David Lewis CLICKHERE

also links to the redistricting committee

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