Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keith Brown on Guilford County Redistricting

"I am interested to know why the county commissioners are not talking redistricting.

...there is not one other county in this state
who has 11 member board like what we see in guilford county.

It is absurd to have that many
but even on top of that
they have diluted the at large to only 2 on the board
which in my mind the county boards should be 7 members with a 4-3 split
in 4 district members and 3 at large
or if they do 9 then have a 5-4 split in district and at large.

I would like to see this happen

...on top of it we could save taxpayer money as in over $40,000
not paying for the extra commissioners."

Keith Brown at Guarino

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