Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japanese Climate, Wind Direction and Water Current

"...The climate is also affected by the seasonal winds
that blow from the continent to the ocean in winters and vice versa in summers.

...Northern Japan has warm summers but long, cold winters with heavy snow.

Central Japan has hot, humid summers and short winters,
and southwestern Japan has long, hot, humid summers and mild winters.

...The climate from June to September is marked by hot, wet weather
brought by tropical airflows from the Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia.

These airflows are full of moisture
and deposit substantial amounts of rain when they reach land.

...Five or six typhoons pass over or near Japan every year
from early August to early September, sometimes resulting in significant damage.

...Two major ocean currents affect this climatic pattern:

...The Kuroshio Current flows northward on the Pacific side of Japan
and warms areas as far north as Tokyo;

...The Oyashio Current, which abounds in plankton beneficial to coldwater fish,
flows southward along the northern Pacific, cooling adjacent coastal areas.

The meeting point of these currents at 36 north latitude is a bountiful fishing ground.

...Tokyo is at about 35 degrees north latitude..."

Japanese Climate

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