Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Bill Burckely Marlene Sanford?

What does the following sentence mean?

"Task force members on the industry side
argued the RUCO Advisory Board had already instructed them
to eliminate proactive inspections;

Newton and McKee-Huger said they could not agree to that."

Donna Newton's compromise?

“I think if I can get back to them
they will seriously consider that on multifamily housing
in the place of sampling on multifamily housing,” [Donna] Newton said.

“My read is that they are not going to willingly give up
RUCO certification of single-family houses that are new on the rental market
and they will still want sampling of single-family housing.”

Who are they?
Does that imply that they are about to give up something else?
What's the something else?

"The RUCO Advisory Board voted earlier this month
to have the task force explore an option drafted by TREBIC President Marlene Sanford
that calls for eliminating “most proactive inspections and the RUCO certificate..."

Is Marlene Sanford a Lobbyist?

"Among those in the audience for the meeting
were Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Vaughan, who made the initial request
for the task force to review options for making the program more efficient,
and Assistant City Manager Andy Scott."

If Marlene Sanford is a Lobbyist,
how do Nancy Vaughan and Andy Scott feel about the RUCO Taskforce
meeting at the headquarters of the Lobbyist who wants to eliminate the program?

Jordan Green
Yes Weekly

Why is Marlene Sanford on the RUCO Taskforce?
Why hasn't the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board chimed in yet?
It's only been a couple of months.

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