Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guilford County Commissioners The Clock Has Started, Where are you on Redistricting of Guilford County

Guilford County Commissioner Map

Redistricting has been on the front burner for the past few weeks with all that is going on the state level and the City of Greensboro having to reconsider the vote on a map that fueled a lot of controversy last week . One thing that has not been on the radar screen is why not any talk of the Guilford County Commissioners and redistricting after the 2010 census numbers came out.

Joe Guarino has a smorgasborg of post in regards to redistricting in Guilford County and here are some links to all of these post and i am glad he has started to talk about this issue especially on the county level because is it something that needs to be talked about for all the citizens of Guilford County . Here are the posts;

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-Guilford County Redistricting: Will There Be A Media Push to Erase Previous Gerrymanders?

-An Opportunity To Remedy Gerrymandering Abuses (At Least in Part)

-An Open Challenge to John Robinson, Ed Cone, Jordan Green, Joe Killian and Fox 8

We know now that on A2 of the Greensboro News and Record for 4-27-2011 Joe Killian had a article titled"Guilford Ask is Redistricting Needed" this article is in the pay wall so no links to the article. In it we have this quote from the Chairman of the Guilford County Commissioners Skip Alston
"I don't think we want to redistrict unless it's absolutely necessary"
We also have a post today from Jordan Green at Yes! Weekly  titled "Redistricting ... on to Guilford County" CLICKHERE. In this post we have Jordan saying that he talked with the GIS planner for Guilford County Stephen Dew and he got word from the County Attorney Mark Payne to see if the county needs to comply and  a ruling very soon.

It will be interesting to see if the County will also have to redistrict but if Stephen Dew rules no redistricting is needed i surely hope he has the numbers to back up this ruling in relation to the 2010 census numbers because plenty of us will be looking at these numbers with a fine tooth comb to make sure you are correct with this ruling.

Greensboro, State of North Carolina and now Guilford County as i said a few months ago let the redistricting games begin.

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