Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guilford County (Brenda Fox Jones) Job Cut Math: $30 million budget deficit - $300,000 = $27,700,000 to go?

The county manager wants to get rid of 56 1/2 jobs — mostly unfilled — to help make up an estimated $30 million deficit.

She will discuss that plan when she gives her proposed budget to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners tonight.

...Brenda Jones Fox said all but 13 of the jobs are vacant.

Eight of the 13 employees affected will transfer to other departments...

...Four of the 13 already had submitted the necessary paperwork to retire...

4 x $75,000 per year = $300,000?

$30 million deficit - $300,000 = $27,700,000 to go?

...Commissioner Billy Yow said he doesn’t consider the announcement
an actual “reduction in force,” as it is being called.

“What they’re really doing is just cleaning up a bunch of vacant positions
so it looks like a reduction in force,” Yow said.

“If you move people around and you get them jobs in other parts of the county government,
you’re not reducing force.

You’re just reducing positions.

If we need to be getting rid of employees, then we should get rid of employees.”...


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