Sunday, April 17, 2011

City Council Agenda Item 17: "Resolution approving... $360,000 ...the Amphitheatre Sound Barrier Wall, Loading Dock, ADA Ramp and Stage Floor."

Agenda with Attachments PDF page 57 of 110 says
"Revenues have exceeded budget which allows for this expense to occur"

What does this mean?

Isn't this on top of a $200,000 parking lot last month?

On top of a $310,000 parking lot for the Natural Science Center as well?

Isn't the city going to ax a ladder company, or is that the same propaganda
like leaf pick up and crossing guards?

How about someone talking about the city's $300,000,000 slush fund that keeps getting robbed?

If the city has a "shortfall", why isn't the loose leaf pick up not back on the table?

Or is this whole thing just a farce, as the Council dips into the piggy bank over and over again?

How is it that the County is almost out of money while Greensboro is sitting on a big pile of money?

Next up is the permanent roof.

Then flip down outdoor seating.

How many City Council members knew a sound wall was needed?

How many times has the electorate been told how much play money the City is sitting on?

How will the GN&R Editorial Board justify it?

Guess it's a good idea to bring it up during Spring Break and Passover,
when the most people will be paying such close attention,
as Greensboro's City Council goes profligate.

At what point does shame enter the equation?

At what point can the local news industry call out Matt Brown for misleading the public?

Oh, I forgot, isn't the local news industry and City Council taking freebies and kickbacks
to the Coliseum through the Convention and Visitors Bureau and "promoters"?

How did Robbie get to be the Duke basketball "helper" or something?

Isn't Zack on the Coliseum Board?

Did Tony Wilkins know?

Did Rashad Young know this was coming?

Isn't the $18.3 million Aquatic Center now $19.5 million?

Did the local press report on the increase anywhere?

Will Allen Johnson vilify critics who question anything Matt does
as the top brass at the News & Record enjoys their club seats
while the publisher sits on the board of the Greensboro Partnership,
which spent thousands promoting massive taxpayer debt loads
and the recent sales tax initiative by Skip and friends?

At what point will the electorate figure out the local media sold out their customers
to those with the deep pockets that fund most of the elections with political contributions? 

Think the Ampitheater could put the Carolina Theater and The Blind Tiger out of business?

Would you like a little fascism with that?

Why did the Egyptian public protest against their leaders?

How is this not the same thing only different? 

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triadwatch said...

below is tony wilkins post that went to my e mail but did not show up but here it is thanks tw for response

GH: "Did Tony Wilkins know?"
No. But I did get this e-mail from Matt explaining the increase from our discussion:

"During our recent WMC meeting, you may recall that in my presentation of the description of the proposed Phase II Improvements for the Amphitheatre, I noted that I had not included the two side wing Sound Barrier Walls in the proposed Phase II work. However, during our Budget presentation to the City Manager, I stated that I believe that I had made a mistake by not including doing the two side wing sound walls in Phase II and based on the fact that Coliseum Revenues are projected to be $500K more than budget, I asked the Manager if he would support my recommendation to increase Phase II work from $253,400 to $360,000 based on using the $180,000 we secured in sponsorships and $180,000 in Coliseum excess revenues. The Manager agreed that we should do the side sound wall wings now and since we had the funding in this FY, he supported the request. I just wanted each of you to know why the change in funding for the Amphitheatre Phase II Improvements went from $253,400 to $360,000."

Matthew G. Brown, Director