Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bill Knight on Trust and Accountability:

"I expect city government to place citizen interests first and foremost in all matters.

I expect anyone in city government, whether elected or employed,
to handle matters efficiently and openly.

...Ethical conduct, no conflicts of interest, and professionalism will be the expected norm.

...I have witnessed many cases of abuse and deceit that were not warranted.

I plan to change that to a city government that our citizens and taxpayers trust and respect."

Greensboro Mayor Bill Knight


Fec said...

Great job bringing up the campaign remarks and the WGHP video of Rakestraw was especially damning. I don't watch MyFOX 8 and would have missed it.

triadwatch said...

thanks, i saw video then at meeting we saw none of them explain why they came up with this map and then seeing sheeka go back and confront the councilwomen was good to see from a reporters stand point . I like how fox 8 lets you embed their videos.