Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are House Republicans trying to a pass a massive tax increase? Joe Guarino, Conservatives for Guilford County, etc...: How is this not a fiscal issue?

"...On Thursday, Republicans passed a one-week spending bill
...that featured one of the key provisions they are seeking.

The measure would reinstate a policy, scotched a few years ago by Democrats,
that prevented the District of Columbia from using locally generated taxes
to provide financial help to poor women for abortions.

How are many taxpayers funding some children born into poverty,
raised on Medicaid, publicly schooled and fed,
not a huge unpaid-for entitlement tax increase?

(The use of federal funds for abortion is already prohibited.)

...Republicans also seek to prohibit payments for abortions overseas
— a measure known as the “Mexico City” policy
that was overturned by an executive order from Mr. Obama.

Another rider seeks to end the United States’ contribution to the United Nations Population Fund,
which focuses on reproductive health."


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