Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins Gets Front Row Seats With Dook as Team Host, Please Explain?

Reading the Greensboro News and Record this morning with a great article on the trumpet played during the ACC basketball tournament by Jim Isley. We have a interesting tidbit that came out at the end of the article. Sorry that i could not link the article because it is in the e edition of the Greensboro News and Record which you need to be a subscriber to access.

In the article this is what was written
"It was a outpouring of patriotism that you don't see everyday", said Robbie Perkins, a City Council member who sat behind the Duke Bench and served as an official team host. 
Can someone please explain what are the job duties of a team host and where do we sign up to be the team host. It would be nice to get front row seats for the ACC Tournament especially when it is a UNC Vs. Dook final game where tickets were going for well over the $100 upper level and $250 lower level and could only imagine what front row tickets would go for. I am sure a elected official would not be taking free tickets and can prove that he bought those tickets or can the councilman explain what a team host actually does.

Is there a formal process to become a team host for all the ACC schools and if so please show us the process for becoming a team host. Maybe Ed Cone would like to be the team host for the UNC Tar Heels.

Also at the Greensboro City Council meeting on 3-15-2011 a few of the elected officials mentioned the ACC tournament and the great job that was done and some actually attended some of the games like councilman Zack Matheny mentioned at end of meeting. It would be nice to see if these elected officials paid for these tickets or were they freebies from who knows where.


David Hoggard said...

Just a guess, but Perkins was likely a volunteer like many other hundreds who did so during the two tournaments.

My wife was a volunteer for Grimsley HS during much of both ACC tournaments working a concession stand.

For her efforts she received free admittance to the coliseum, free parking, VIP shuttle to the front door (and back). During breaks, and after her duties were fulfilled, she was able to grab a seat and watch some b-ball.

I'm guessing that you, too, could gain free admittance and perks if you volunteered. Might take you a while to move into Perkins' place as a "team host" (whatever that is), but you gotta start somewhere.

From the teams' and the ACC's perspective, I think it more presentable and proper to have a City Council member serve as "team host" (although I don't know what the position entails besides sitting in a great seat) than a Grimsley volunteer such as my wife.

That's not a dig, obviously, to my wife... just reality.

The tourney returns in two years... go ahead and put your name in the volunteer hat and see what happens - but don't expect a "team host" position until you pay some volunteer dues and move through the ranks.

triadwatch said...

Thanks David for the comments. I just want everyone to be aware of this situation and would like to know what a hosts consist of. Being a elected official takes things to a different and if council members are going to these major sporting events then we need to know how they got there . is it a freebie which should not happen or did they pay for those tickets. Free circus tickets made aware of this situation but to me when elected officials get freebies to a place that you vote on their budget and Matt brown comes in front of council plenty to adjust the budget are they letting these perks hinder their decision. for example the council voted to add $142,000 to add more parking then last week decide to have a shuttle from koury center . Now do you think it was wise to waste $142,000 for more parking when a solution was shuttle service for a price of $5 . This happens all the time and the bartering of services at coliseum no one wants to address either. Thanks for comments