Monday, March 21, 2011

E.H. Hennis Calls Greensboro City Councilwomen "Lying Hussy" Video Embedded

E.H. Hennis our local candidate for a spot in the 2011 edition of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest has been on a roll lately in the past month he got kicked out of the Greensboro City Council meeting and on March 17, 2011 he got to speak at the Guilford County Commissioners meeting which you can see on the video embedded above.

In the video E.H. Hennis had to say that in his 89th year this will be pay back year. He dislikes liars and thieves as well as corrupt politicians. He then went on to talk about some barbie twins who were despicable lying hussy's and named Phyllis Gibbs. Then to the end of the video at around the 2:16 mark on video you will hear E.H. Hennis talk about how sitting Greensboro City Councilwomen Mary Rakestraw caused him to be in court for 3 days in a attempt to expose her as a lying hussy. After that rant you can see that the microphone was turned off and E.H. Hennis was escorted off and tried to get something out of his pants but was led out of the meeting real quick by the sheriff's department.

Here is what was written from the rhino times in a article titled "Hennis Hustled Out After Hussy Harangue"

in the article from March 3, 2011 here is a little from article.
Hennis, who is 87 or 88, had been banned from council meetings for his previous misbehavior, and this was his first opportunity to get back to the microphone for speakers from the floor. Hennis got his name out and the fact that he calls himself the mayor of Groometown Road, and then when he started off calling Rakestraw a "hussy" and some names not so kind. Knight cut off the microphone and Hennis called him a "skinny headed SOB," except he didn't say SOB.

Assistant City Manager Mike Speedling and a police officer escorted Hennis from the room and the building. Hennis was shouting and cursing the whole time they walked him out the door, but once he got out of camera range he quieted down. He is an angry, bitter old man and it is a shame that he has chosen to spend his last years on this earth disrupting government meetings in Greensboro.

In 1998, when Rakestraw was a Guilford County commissioner, Hennis was arrested for bringing a fake bomb to a Board of Commissioners meeting and displaying it at the podium. Hennis was convicted on bomb hoax charges and banned from Guilford County commissioner meetings for a time. He evidently still holds that conviction against Rakestraw.
It is time to have a lifetime ban on E.H.Hennis for speaking at local government meetings or can we get a Nurse Ratched to take care of the situation.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very sad exhibition of an apparently disturbed man and I agree it is a shame that he is spending his last years with so much hate. I also hope that this man is banned from any further government meetings and speaking tirades.

Years ago the county paid D. H. Griffin to come out and clean up his residence and placed a lien on his property for the cost. If you are riding around in the area of Groometown Road, ride by his place and take a look at how it looks at this time. It is a disgrace but nothing has been done since the lien was placed on his property so I guess our county does not think it needs cleaning up anymore.

triadwatch said...

i just drove down on groometown the other day and you are correct, it is still a mess. This guy needs help and will be perminately banned from all meetings. Who knows what is in that head and what he might do.