Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did Nancy, Jim, Robbie, Dianne and Zack know the Jordan Lake Rules could cost the city $270 million, when they voted for a $19 million swimming pool?

"...Jordan Lake Rules, which, if they are enforced,
will cost the city about $70 million in the next couple of years,
and, down the road when storm water has to be handled,
will cost an amount estimated by the state at $200 million,
and estimated by the building industry in the billions.

It would require retrofitting neighborhoods with storm water detention ponds."


"Mayor Bill Knight and council members Mary Rakestraw, Trudy Wade and Danny Thompson
voted against the construction contract and the use of the hotel tax revenue.

...But in the end, council members
Nancy Vaughan, Jim Kee, Robbie Perkins,
T. Dianne Bellamy-Small and Zack Matheny
voted down that suggestion and approved the funding as originally passed.

...Resident Joe Guarino and other speakers argued that residents were misled.

“If you approve this proposal,
you would be making yourself a party to all the deception that has taken place,” Guarino said.

Bob Malekoff, a professor of sports studies at Guilford College,
urged the council to hold off on making a decision
until more information about the economic impact could be obtained.

He said it is difficult to accurately estimate the economic impact.

The $14 million suggested by local tourism officials is likely flawed or incomplete, he said.

Hill Carrow, who helped come up with that estimate,
said the economics could be debated.

But his suggested schedule of 12 major meets a year is solid , he said"
If "12 major meets a year is solid,"
why does the Swim Center only have one so far?

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Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter to elected officials. It's not their money. They love spending other people's money. Matt wanted a pool. They got him one.