Friday, March 4, 2011

Amanda Lehmert: "What AmEx wanted"

"The council was told that a Fortune 500 Company,
going by the nickname "Project Doublewide,"
planned to invest approximately $650 million either here or in Des Moines, Iowa.

Local economic development officials asked the council to consider giving American Express a $2.2 million incentive.

Why didn't AMEX get the incentives?

"Local economic development officials"

Whom specifically?

Some of the stats the board heard that night:

The company would invest $223 million to build the two data centers.

What properties were shown to who by whom?

The total capital investment would top $501 million.

What diferentiates the $223 million "invested" from the $501 million total?

In three years, the economic impact to the local economy could be as much as $445 million.

Where is the economic impact study?

Over what time frame?

In property taxes, the city might expect to earn $2.75 million over three years, starting in 2016.
$445 million economic impact over three years?
Mayor Bill Knight also asked council members to keep the info confidential.

Did they disclose their plans for the call center?

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